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Are you struggling with weight loss?​

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If yes, you are not alone! Obesity is a problem plaguing a significant portion of the global population. The causes can vary from lifestyle, foodstuffs which you consume, and even hormonal imbalances.

While it affects both the genders but women are certainly more conscious when it comes to their physique as well as weight gain. There is supporting scientific evidence as well that the probability of a woman suffering from obesity is slightly higher as compared to men. Of all the Cinderella Solution reviews, we fell that this one will help you make the decision on whether it’s the right option for you.

Women need a weight loss solution...

All this evidence indeed points to the direction that women need a weight loss solution, which is not only effective but reliable.

The problem is that most weight loss solutions or programs available out there are hardly beneficial. That is why, even if you can see initial results, those aren’t long-lasting. Moreover, some of the weight loss programs are downright harmful.

They ask you to starve yourself to lose weight. It also means that you will be starving your body of the nutrients.

In a nutshell, the majority of the weight loss programs do not work, and in fact, some are even risky.

One program stands out from the rest...

One program, however that certainly stands out from the rest is the Cinderella solution. It takes a holistic approach when it comes to weight loss.

It helps you develop new eating habits and provides you with information about the body’s digestive system. As a result, it is a fundamentally sound program that can help you get long-lasting results.

Instead of going through numerous Cinderella solution reviews, you need to go through our Cinderella solution review below to get the entire picture.

What is Cinderella Solution?

Simply put, this program involves a 28-day weight loss regime. The program is available in the form of PDF e-books.

It means that you can instantly download it after buying the program.

The best thing is that you can access the program irrespective of the device on which you are. So, you can access it through your tablet, smartphone, laptop, and so on.

As a result, it is incredibly convenient to go through the information.

The two main phases...

The two main phases in which the program is divided are named ignite and launch.

The entire weight loss program revolves around women and how they can plan their meals and in a better way to lose weight.

The duration of the ignite and launch phase is of 2 weeks. Along with the various other details, you get the meal plans as well.

The unique selling point...

The USP of this weight loss program is that it does not take the elimination or the filtration route when it comes to preparing the meal plan.

Instead of asking you to refrain from most of the foodstuffs which you consume, it teaches you to combine the foodstuffs in the right manner to burn fat in your body.

Also, it provides you with a detailed and low-intensity workout guide as well.

The guide focuses on the core muscles of your body so that you can burn fat faster.

It’s your choice to execute the meal plan and exercise routine at the same time or first work on the meal plan and then start exercising.

How do you receive the info?

The entire program is divided into different PDF e-books, which means that you get a definite starting point in the form of a 17-page quick-start guide. 

It does not matter if you have extensive nutrition knowledge or whether you’re a beginner to weight loss, following and executing this diet program is easy. It provides you with all the information right from the basics to help you with weight loss.

The program will also let you know the exact actionable steps that you need to take and how long you need to continue with that to see some concrete results.

In a nutshell, it will spoon-feed you with a proper weight loss and exercise routine that will help you lose weight.

Now that you are aware of its basic premise let us look at its detailed working.

How does it work?

Cinderella solution, as we stated above, focuses specifically on women. It can not only help women lose weight but also for those suffering from IC dysfunction.

In the IC dysfunction, there is an imbalance in the level of insulin hormone in the body. As a result, metabolic activity reduces significantly, and the individual gains weight.

The Cinderella solution can help you lose weight even when suffering from this problem. It speaks volumes regarding the effectiveness of the program.

Not only that!

Not only that, but the program also shares with you a few tips that will help you in reducing this imbalance.

The program aims to naturally help you regulate three essential hormones responsible for the metabolic activity, fat content, and weight loss in the body.

A unique feature of this program is that it helps you understand how you can stay healthy to increase your life span.

It provides you a list of the foodstuffs and beverages you should consume to maintain your weight and gain nutrition.

Moreover, the program combines this with the cardio workouts that suggest so that you can accelerate the speed of weight loss.

It does not matter if...

It does not matter whether you’re overweight by 10 lbs or 20 lbs, whether you’re over the age of 30 or 40. The program functions equally well for all women.

It backs up its recommendations with solid scientific facts, which means that you will not end up suffering from any side effects.

Since, the entire process is natural and involves just cardio workouts and better managing your diet, without any side effects.

We will now share some tidbits with you regarding the program creator so that you can understand more about it.

Who is behind the Cinderella solution?

Carly Donovan is the creator of the Cinderella solution. She suffered from weight gain and obesity that forced her to find a natural and sustainable way to lose weight. The program worked so well for her that she decided to release it to the public as well.

She has had an association with the fitness industry as a fitness instructor at a regular gym. Despite that, she found it difficult to lose weight.

She underwent some tests and consulted some doctors to help her understand that she had diabetes due to weight gain. It was when she decided to do something about it.

The fact that she has lost weight using the program herself speaks volumes regarding the effectiveness of the program.

It is her brainchild that tackles not only weight loss but also hormonal imbalance and its side effects. That is what makes it stand out.

What is included in the Cinderella solution?

Now, we would go into the nitty-gritty of the four parts of this program’s main manual. It will help you understand what exactly it covers.

Part 1: The Cinderella solution overview:

This part of the program covers the basics. It also lets you know how you can start executing it. It also helps you know how you can pair different foods not only based on their nourishment but also on their flavors. Additionally, you get information regarding slimming exercises. It also introduces you to 2 distinct parts of the program, which are ignite and launch.

Part 2: Daily nutrition blueprint:

In this part, you will come across 14-day calendars. These calendars will help you with preparing your meals in advance. It also shares with you some innovative recipes so that you do not just eat a run off the mill recipes. It goes into the details of macro nutrition as well to help you pair the right foodstuffs. Curating the right meal plan using flavors, nutrition, as well as weight loss information is quite easy.

Part 3: DIY meals and flavor pairing:

Are you looking for more information regarding the details of the meal plan?

If yes, this section is for you. It allows you to go into the details of various ingredients to compile a list of low-calorie meals. These will be rich in nutrition, which means that you are not starving your body of nutrition. Also, this part highlights the recipes which you need to stick to, to make the ignite and launch phase more efficient. It will also highlight other aspects of your diet, like portion size, and so on.

Part 4: Top 10 Combinations:

The section that we are highlighting now consists of various food and flavor combos. It provides you with ready-made combos that ensure that you can plan your meals in a much better way.

As you can see, the program covers your weight loss journey and guides you through in every way possible. The holistic nature of this program is one of the reasons why the Cinderella Solution. diet reviews are positive, popular and effective.

What is so special about the Cinderella solution?

There are quite a few positives about this program that help it stand out. These include:

1. Women-specific program:

Whether you like it or not, weight loss for men and women is a bit different. It requires a different approach. This program takes a women-specific approach, which is a definite advantage.

2. Easy to execute workouts:

Unlike some other programs that you require you to go with intricate or high-intensity workouts, this one provides you with a simple workout program. You can practice the workout program at your home, which ensures that you can accelerate your weight loss.

3. Comprehensive information:

The program does not take a superficial approach when it comes to weight loss. It goes into the intricacies of every aspect. As a result, it can help you with weight loss.

4. Useful resources on offer:

The 14-day calendar, list of combos, and other such resources are very easy to use. These practical resources certainly help you start your weight loss journey.

5. Economically viable:

When you look at the resources and the information it provides, you will realize that the Cinderella solution is one of the most economically viable programs you can go with.

6. Moneyback guarantee:

With a 60-day refund policy, you can be sure that you are entirely safe when you’re going with this weight loss program.

7. Customer service:

Once you purchase the program, you can contact the customer support department in case of any questions or queries. They are highly responsive and knowledgeable, which means that resolving your queries will not take time.

When you look at the positives of this program, it is easy to understand why it is such a good choice.

What is the not so good part?

There are a few negative aspects as well, which you need to keep in mind. These include:

1. Commitment oriented program:

Only if you’re willing to stay committed to the program, will you see the results.

2. Slow results:

If you’re planning to lose weight in just 10 to 15 days, this program is not for you. You need to stick to the meal plan for at least 28 days to see the results.


The Cinderella solution is one of the most effective programs when it comes to weight loss. The potential which it has is excellent.

Moreover, since it provides you with the workout routine, it is highly effective to lose weight. If you’re looking for a holistic weight loss program, the Cinderella solution will not disappoint you.

When you look at other third party Cinderella solution reviews, you will realize that they are positive as well.

Whichever way you look at its offerings, it is one of the most effective weight loss programs for women. That is why we recommend it.

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